EV Charging Station Installation Laval, Montréal & the North Shore

For those who are more environmentally conscious, having an electric car is an option to limit the carbon footprint.

A functional charging station uses a voltage of 240 V. But in some cases, a voltage of 120 V with or without another at 240 V is sufficient. Its connection must be impeccable to avoid any constraint.

It is a very sensitive piece of equipment, the installation of which requires great concentration and irreproachable know-how. It is in this sense that the work should be entrusted to qualified professionals, such as those from Erco Électrique.

According to the building law, you have the right to install only the model approved by a recognized body. Electrical terminals for commercial use require a specific electronic system to provide for the different payment methods or even the insertion of an access card.

A charging station at home

If you have an electric car, Erco Électrique offers among its various services, the installation of a charging station at your home. With this tool at your disposal, you can power your vehicle at any time.

The purchase of a charging station in Quebec is much more advantageous thanks to the government’s policy aimed at favoring owners and users of electric vehicles

Having a charging station at home is therefore not just for the wealthy. It is even a very economical option. In addition, with your vehicle running without fuel, you play a direct part in reducing the spread of greenhouse gases while making year-round savings. In other words, your responsible attitude makes your life easier at the same time.

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A charging station in the workplace

If you also want to install a charging station in your commercial or industrial premises, Erco Électrique is able to help you. Your employees will be able to provide sufficient charge to their electric vehicles during working hours.

For the commercial sector, the advantage is multiple. Each occupant of the building has the chance to use the terminal. But also, it is a way to take care of the customers in a free way or with the conditions that the establishment imposes.

You can select your electric terminal for common use taking into account your expectations. The models are varied, and some even have an electronic mechanism that recognizes authorized access cards. Erco Électrique helps you make your choice if you need support. The number of charging stations eligible for reimbursement is unlimited for the commercial sector.

“I contacted several companies before deciding to go with Erco and I have no regrets about my decision. I saved at least $ 1,800 with their manufacturer pricing and got great service. "

Marco. D

Montréal, January 2019


Customer experience

As with all of our customers, your satisfaction is our priority and we continually go above and beyond your expectations.

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With a single click on the ercoelectrique.com site, you will be in direct contact with us. Depending on your electricity needs, we offer simple options that meet your expectations.

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With our fast and transparent estimate, you can determine in advance the budget necessary for your electrical work.

Erco Électrique does not impose any consultation fees for any electrical projects. You will have our quote in black and white and with all the details you need to understand it.

Client Support

We provide the beneficiaries of our services with responsive customer support that can be reached at any time. We give you all the information you want about us and our services, as well as useful advice on your electrical systems if needed.


Our team of qualified electricians is also at your service any day and any time you need us on site. You can call our agents 24/7. We respond quickly in the event of an emergency or electrical incident in the Montreal and Laval regions.

Quality service at the best price

Reliable connection

The company’s team of qualified electricians provide you with quality installation work. With our working methods, customer satisfaction comes first. And our methods concerning the installation of an electric terminal aims to avoid any harmful connection. Erco Électrique promises you expert work based on the standards of art and precision.

Installation adapted to your environment

To charge your electric vehicle at home without constraint, call on our residential charging station installation service. You will benefit from expertise in connecting private electrical terminals, and our advice and quotes are delivered to you free of charge.

In the case of multiple housing, the installation of an electrical terminal is even more complex, but our experienced and qualified technicians have perfect command of this area. Erco Électrique sends a team of experts to the field who can choose the most suitable location. It is above all a question of facilitating access for all co-owners to the charging station.

As for the commercial or industrial electric terminal, being more and more in vogue in Montreal and Laval, the installations are carried out without difficulty and within the agreed deadlines.


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