Pool and Spa Electrical Connection in Laval, Montréal & the North Shore

The electrical installation of swimming pools and spas is an important step in installing this equipment in your home. It is preferable to call on professionals like Erco Électrique for solutions that meet all the standards.

Connections according to standards

There are very strict standards for pool and spa hookups in Canada. Erco Électrique scrupulously respects each aspect of these regulations in order to offer customers swimming pools and spas that guarantee them moments of relaxation without any fear of accidents caused by neglectful installation.

There are many standards and regulations concerning their security. For example, the sockets around the swimming pool (located more than 1.5 m away) must be protected by a differential circuit breaker to prevent any risk of electrocution. Light shows installed on the walls of the pool are also prohibited, since a leak in the sealing system can cause serious accidents.

Play of light

The mission of Erco Electric does not end with the installation of the electrical wiring of your pool or spa. Our team also offers you decoration and aesthetic advice, in particular regarding the installation of lighting to enhance your relaxation area.

A team of seasoned technicians will give your space a warm and friendly atmosphere worthy of a swimming pool in a luxury hotel. You will benefit from their expertise at competitive prices.

In the end, taking into account your wishes and the environment, the professionals at Erco Électrique will optimize the arrangement of light sources.

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Professionals who care about details

Our team performs the electrical installation of your pool or spa paying attention to the smallest detail, whether it is visible or not.

Although the wiring work involves a hidden part of the pool or spa, our team remains meticulous with the finish, giving you the benefit of a well-structured and secure network.

To accomplish this, Erco Électrique employs specialists with proven skills, and our services go hand in hand with quality and safety, always with the aim of satisfying you.

“I contacted several companies before deciding to go with Erco and I have no regrets about my decision. I saved at least $ 1,800 with their manufacturer pricing and got great service. "

Marco. D

Montréal, January 2019


Customer experience

As with all of our customers, your satisfaction is our priority and we continually go above and beyond your expectations.

Step by step

Your master electrician easily reachable

With a single click on the ercoelectrique.com site, you will be in direct contact with us. Depending on your electricity needs, we offer simple options that meet your expectations.

Free quote and transparent quote

With our fast and transparent estimate, you can determine in advance the budget necessary for your electrical work.

Erco Électrique does not impose any consultation fees for any electrical projects. You will have our quote in black and white and with all the details you need to understand it.

Client Support

We provide the beneficiaries of our services with responsive customer support that can be reached at any time. We give you all the information you want about us and our services, as well as useful advice on your electrical systems if needed.


Our team of qualified electricians is also at your service any day and any time you need us on site. You can call our agents 24/7. We respond quickly in the event of an emergency or electrical incident in the Montreal and Laval regions.

Free quotes and flexible costs according to budgets

Erco Électrique offers free quotes to customers so that they have a clear idea of the expenses they will incur before embarking on the electrical installation of their pool or spa. Our professionals make precise calculations, avoiding excess costs associated with unforeseen events.

In addition, you can propose your budget to our team so that they can adjust the scope of work and the quote according to the amount proposed. In all cases, we will provide you with consensual solutions that will allow you to obtain a functional swimming pool of high quality and safety while staying within your budget.

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