Industrial Electrician in Laval, Montréal & the North Shore

Thanks to the know-how of the experienced master electricians who make up our team, Erco Électrique offers a multitude of services that encompass both the private, commercial and industrial sectors in Montreal and Laval. You can trust us to make your projects a reality from A to Z.

Global activities revolving around industrial electricity

The types of electrical work revolving around the industrial sector are becoming more numerous and complex as technology evolves. If a century ago, it was only a question of setting up the network of lighting and sectors to allow workers to work in almost precarious conditions, today they go well beyond skills of a simple electrician.

All types of general industrial electrical work is carried out by Erco Électrique, in particular:

  • The preliminary studies of the site.
  • Installation and renovation of the indoor and outdoor lighting network.
  • Maintenance of existing circuits.
  • Network extension.
  • The proposal of new, more economical and ecological solutions.
  • Installation and verification of the machine control system.
  • Connection and maintenance of the industrial machinery supply network.
  • Study and implementation of all special works on electricity.
  • Estimation of the work according to our customers’ convenience.

Of course, these few lines are simple illustrations of the main insured activities of the company. There is still a vast array of skills that the entire team offers to customers in order to make the services as complete as possible.

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Preliminary studies

Regarding work on electricity, especially industrial work, preliminary studies are mandatory in order to minimize the risk of accidents, such as fires due to short circuits. Indeed, this sector most often uses high voltage lines, which are very likely to cause major failures if certain well-defined criteria are neglected.

Thus, the master electricians at Erco Électrique take the time to study the site, take precise measurements and establish a millimeter plan of the work to be done before tackling the installation itself.

This step is obviously used to protect the goods and people who will interact in this environment. Security is one of the policies established by the company. The time required for this study is already included in the deadlines proposed by the technicians.

Finally, preliminary studies are necessary in order to optimize costs for customers and avoid unnecessary expenses which are often a source of frustration. Thanks to this approach, you can be sure that you will not have any concerns about transparency on the fees charged by Erco Électrique, since the plans will be clear even before the major works begin.

Our Services


According to our customer's requirements, Erco Électrique operates both in new building projects and in renovations. After a computer disaster related to an electrical problem occurs, we are also ready to restore the electrical system to your business establishment. We will recommend changes if we feel it is necessary to protect you from future harm.


Entrust the complete renovation of your commercial building to Erco Électrique. Even if your project is on a grand scale, we are able to make it happen. We study your proposal and put forward our best solutions for its implementation. Our experts also carry out partial renovations with quality work.

New construction

For a new construction of a building for commercial use, we ensure the complete installation of the electrical systems. We use all our know-how to install the various required connections and supply lines. We also do small commercial electrical work for customers who need it.

Solar panels

Whatever the model and the capacity of your solar panels, we are able to install them. Changing your old equipment is also part of our service. In case of failure of your solar panels, Erco Électrique sends you its team of troubleshooters. With their proven know-how, they carry out repair work to make them operational and safe again.

Maintenance and troubleshooting in commercial electricity

Like our residential maintenance service, we also provide emergency repairs to commercial premises. We arrive on site quickly after receiving a customer's call, and we perform professional work to curb incidents and limit the extent of the related damage. We then proceed to re-establish the electrical systems and verify them.

Charging station

Our services also include the installation of a charging station in your shopping or industrial center. Large sales centers sometimes use it as a benchmark for their electric vehicles. Our installation work demonstrates our professionalism and integrity.

Commercial home automation

If you want to program your home or offices, entrust your project to Erco Électrique. We are experts in commercial home automation. After our work of programming and installing control receivers, you will be able to control the lighting, temperature and all electrical systems in your room from your smartphone. This system also grants you remote office monitoring.

“I contacted several companies before deciding to go with Erco and I have no regrets about my decision. I saved at least $ 1,800 with their manufacturer pricing and got great service. "

Marco. D

Montréal, January 2019


Customer experience

As with all of our customers, your satisfaction is our priority and we continually go above and beyond your expectations.

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With a single click on the site, you will be in direct contact with us. Depending on your electricity needs, we offer simple options that meet your expectations.

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With our fast and transparent estimate, you can determine in advance the budget necessary for your electrical work.

Erco Électrique does not impose any consultation fees for any electrical projects. You will have our quote in black and white and with all the details you need to understand it.

Client Support

We provide the beneficiaries of our services with responsive customer support that can be reached at any time. We give you all the information you want about us and our services, as well as useful advice on your electrical systems if needed.


Our team of qualified electricians is also at your service any day and any time you need us on site. You can call our agents 24/7. We respond quickly in the event of an emergency or electrical incident in the Montreal and Laval regions.

Industrial automation

The automation of the industrial site is a step that is becoming more and more inevitable for any company working in the industrial field. Erco Électrique technicians are specially trained to set up complete networks of automation programs, ranging from PLCs to user control interfaces.

Our master electricians are highly qualified with regularly updated skills to suit technological developments and increasingly demanding customer expectations in this field. The results are more than satisfactory, and the scope of our experience extends over the majority of automatable systems that may exist today.

Wondering about the benefits that automation can bring to an industrial chain? Here are the main reasons to automate:

  • Reduction of production costs: You benefit from a very fast return on investment, which allows you to offset the costs associated with the installation of the automation system.
  • Optimization of product quality and reliability: The automated machine enables a whole range of products to be reproduced as faithfully as possible, ensuring almost infallible quality and reliability.
  • Optimization of product cycle times: Robots are able to work faster and longer, increasing productivity without affecting quality.
  • Reducing waste: The machines are equipped with surgical precision and efficiency in reducing waste of raw materials, which also allows you to significantly reduce the cost of waste treatment.
  • Competitiveness: With costs under control, you can align the prices of your products with the competition in order to be more attractive to customers. In addition, the automated product is more appreciated than the handmade from a quality point of view in the industrial sector.
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